Storyguide Project

The Story Guide Project was launched in 2017 as an effort to gather the collective wisdom of those who have become masters of the story. Without a compelling story, regardless of the medium, the audience will tune out. There is an art to telling a story on the stage, with data, in the board room, on air, in film and in countless other ways, and it is important to learn the tricks of the trade that facilitate communication across a host of media.


Our founder at Story Guide is Peter Robichau, an author, speaker and consultant who learned early on that mastering the art of storytelling is the best way to engage an audience and affect change. His struggles and fears related to communicating in front of large groups and to key influencers caused him to begin studying those who have risen to the tops of their fields.

Peter realized that the mode of communication has a profound impact on delivery – what might work in one venue might be entirely inappropriate in another. Changing channels from print to audio means changing the approach to storytelling, but the goal of all storytelling remains the same – to engage and impact. Peter’s goal is to capture the methods of leading story-tellers. The end goal of The Story Guide Project is a body of knowledge that can instruct and inspire generations of storytellers for years to come.



Each of the contributors to the Story Guide Project will be notable experts in their respective fields. There is no single characteristic of a contributor to the project beyond their reputation for excellence in their given field. So while one guide might be a notable public speaker, another guide might never step on stage, choosing rather to practice the art of storytelling through film or radio. We will also seek out those who have mastered the more obscure aspects of storytelling such as letting data, facts and figures paint a picture that would otherwise be inaccessible.


placeitIt is our hope that the collective wisdom of the guides we meet along the way will be captured on video and audio recordings, their interviews transcribed and ultimately compiled into a companion book that can be shared with the world. This publication will be the definitive guide for anyone who has a message to convey, and wants to do so effectively. If you have a suggestion of a “master story guide” for us to interview, please email us at … we’d love to follow-up on your suggestions!